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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Red Light Green Light

I hardly have time to even think some days, yet I still yearn to sit behind the wheel of my car and drive. Driving is one thing in life that will make me happy--without fail. Bombed a final? Go drive. Just broke up with your boyfriend? Go drive. Just ate a huge meal and are uncomfortably full? Wait 30 minutes then drive. 

The point is that driving is one of the most cathartic things that exists in my life. I can pour my emotions into the road--I can go out, find an empty road, and push the limit of my heart's desires. I can leave all of my problems behind me. 

I was a fortunate enough kid to have my first car be an Audi. I will concede, it took A LOT of convincing on my part with my dad. Every adult told me that I would regret buying a german luxury car as my first car, but I said fuck it. I threw my heart and soul into researching every little article ever posted about Audi's. I admit, I can be annoying to talk to about Audis sometimes because I know too much about them. All of this time that I poured into research and talking to car dealers and mechanics really paid off. I ended up buying a 1998 Audi A4 2.8 Avant Quattro Sport line. I just wanted to sound pretentious there. His name is Otis--he's my baby. 

Otis has more than handled himself when necessary--I lived in Tahoe growing up so snow was something to think about. He may only have 4.3"of clearance, but that certainly hasn't prevented him from plowing through some things that a Range Rover would even shy away from. Granted, a Range Rover would be too afraid of getting a little snow on its mud flaps. Pssh. So aristocratic. 

The relationship I have developed with Otis is one that is deeper than most. I feel weird admitting that I have a relationship with my car, but hey, it's true. Otis has become my therapist, my friend, and even my foe--rarely (the oil pan cracking certainly annoyed me). When something goes wrong in life, Otis is there to keep me rolling along. He is my rock. A fast rock. Like those mysterious rocks that slide across the desert sand. You heard of those? Apparently scientists dont know why they do that.

I have sobbed more than I care to admit behind the wheel of my car. I have smiled bigger that my face should have allowed behind the wheel of my car. I have been Mr. Grumpy-Pants behind the wheel of my car. I have also taken on the role of Cher behind the wheel of my car. I am an A-lister singer when it comes to singing in my car and no one will tell me otherwise. My moves are better than Jagger's when I am behind the wheel of my car. My mind is free to be what it wants behind the wheel of my car. 

Otis is my safe place.

Say what you want. I've been told that I am extremely first-world and materialistic because I find enjoyment in cars. The simple fact is that my passion for cars permeates the "first-world" label. My passion for cars is something that transcends wealth. It is the simple enjoyment of how people are so dependent on cars, yet they are so careless about their choices. It's like choosing a nice home or a nice bed; People are particular about those choices because they spend so much time there. The average person spends something like 3 months of their life at stop lights. Damnit, I better spend those three months in a comfortable seat that has the amenities that I want. 

The pleasure of driving is almost comparable to the pleasure of a nicely-sized orgasm. However, driving lasts longer. The thrill I get from driving is something that will never fade. I always get that giddy little school girl feeling in my heart when I sit behind the wheel of a car. It could be a Geo Metro or a Zonda R for all I care. I like driving. For whatever reason I also enjoy slipping underneath Otis's bonnet and tinkering with his parts. (heh heh. innuendo?) Otis likes it when I give him a belly rub. He purs when I do.Anyway, what provides more of a bonding moment between two people than getting under the hood of your car and getting up to your elbows in grease? My brother and I have spent many evenings underneath our cars ratcheting and tinkering away. Luckily he is a great mechanic and can correct any silly mistake I make. For the record--I hate being dirty other than around cars. Yuck! 

Well, I figure I should actually go study my physics now considering it is finals week. One final left and then I'm off to New York! WOOHOO!

May all of your holiday wishes come true.

Signing off.

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